Depression is NOT an emotion…
Depression is a parasite. Attaining its nutrients Slowly sucking the life out of its hosts. Literally.
Assuming water is the essence of life depression is the constant drought or round about. A
roundabout with no exits, life seeming to go round and around on the same path. Endless. Friends…
Less than anyone else know how you feel. Packing a mean punch depression aims for your purpose.
The surface is all they see. Feeling worthless with no one to turn to, depression takes heed, placing
its feet firmly in your life.
A smile …
Is enough to mask this numb feeling inside.
That’s just the beginning.
I have never been depressed. But I have once visited a place in life where I existed without living.
Waking up, day in and out following the same routine.
Feeling worthless with no purpose or drive to live, so many questions with no answers, darkness,
Being..breathing… believing nothing of myself because I did not know myself.
An out of body experience. My body moving around this world doing what others refer to as existing
whilst my soul stays at home, alone…
Trying to find myself. Both parts of my being feeling this distance.
Lack of self-awareness… Depression?? Existence ??
Is there a difference?