The beginning.
The way, place and time that a conversation starts
Sets the mood for the rest of the interaction.
But more importantly than that…
Relationships… (whether romantic or not)
Often flop due to a Mishap in communication. Or a lack of it.
Friends stop talking…
….Couples stop seeing each other just because “one was waiting for the other to message
I have moments where the thought of a friend comes mind and I do t follow through and
contact them because I’ve seen that they’ve posted on social media so I assume they reply are
as ‘okay’ as they perceive online.
The fact is.
We all go through things and the case more often than not is people don’t have people to talk
to about their situations
Not one person lives a “perfect life”
And a simple “hey, how you doing”
Every now and again wouldn’t go a miss in giving someone the opportunity to talk to about
what they’re going through.
Start a convo with someone today.